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Some commonly asked questions about
our photo booth hire services

What colour are your photo booths?

We currently offer black damask, gold, large flower, cream damask, purple, black or silver (subject to availability), or if you prefer white, pink, indigo, or literally any colour you desire we can deliver. We can also provide graphical customisation of the outer booth which could be a large print of the bride and groom as babies or perhaps your company logo, literally anything you want – (subject to additional charge)

Can we choose black and white or colour photos?

Our easy to use touch screen system allows the users to choose between black and white or colour photos for each sitting.

Do you offer custom backdrops?

Definitely, and if you head over to our event images area you can see from our previous events the sort of creativity we offer, let us know your preferred colours and we will personlise a backdrop for you – Also, we can provide ‘green screen’ which enables us to super impose your choice of background which can literally be anything you like!

How long does the photo booth run for?

A standard hire is for up to four hours of running time during which your guests will receive unlimited photos, we can provide as many extra hours hire as required for an additional, pre-negotiated charge.

Who looks after the photo booth?

All of our photo booths are supplied complete with attendants who will not only set up the booth but stay in attendance to assist, facilitate and ensure the photo booth runs smoothly, they will also manage the guestbook for you.

What about insurance?

We carry £2m public liability insurance (copies available on request).

My venue has requested a risk assessment and PAT test certificate?

We are happy to supply you with a copy of our risk assessment for our photo booths along with a copy of our PAT test certificate.

What quality are the photos and print?

The photos are all high quality digital images, our photos are all printed on commercial dye sublimation printers which are instantly dry, durable, will not fade or damage

Do we get to keep all the photos after the event?

Yes, we will send you a disc with all the individual images on after the event, please allow 14 days for delivery.

How many people can fit in the booth?

The photo booths can easily accommodate 3 seated with 2 more in front.

How many photos are included during the hire?

We offer unlimited photos and prints for the duration of the hire, as fast as your guests can strike a pose the booth will produce the photos.

Can you provide customised prints?

Yes, we can customise the print background  and we can also put the event details on if you wish including any logos and/or theme colouring you  might need.

Why should I choose Limelight?

It might be possible to get a slightly lower cost hire from another booth company but Limelight do not compromise on quality or on our renowned professional reputation. We are an approved, full-time Photo Booth Hire company who knows how to add the perfect booth experience to your event. Our booths all use the latest tech and provide high-quality finishes to your photos while using accurate lighting. We believe that our professionalism, knowledge, friendly attendants and commitment to help make your event stand out are a worthwhile alternative to cheaper, part-time companies who could jeopardise your personal memories.

Venue requirements?

We require a flat level indoor space 2.3m wide x 1.25m deep x 2.1m high and access to a standard 13 amp socket within 10m. If you are unsure let us know your venue details and we will check with them.

Can you set the photo booth up early and return later to run it?

We can arrange early set up, perhaps prior to guest arrival, dinner or similar. Due to the increased ‘idle’ hours there would be an additional cost please contact us for a quote.

How long does it take to set up?

Set up takes approx 30 mins once the booth is in the venue although we ask for one hours set up time just to be safe. Our staff always travel with plenty of contingency time and will arrive with plenty of time hours to set up. If you are not ready for us to set up when we arrive we are more than happy to wait, its all part of the service.

Do you supply a prop box?

Yes we offer a free prop box for your guests to use packed full of hats, wigs, props and silliness.

How do we pay?

We charge just £75 deposit to confirm your required date, and the remaining amount is due 14 days prior to the event. With receipt of the deposit an invoice will be sent to you listing the detail and all the information needed including the remaining amount. We will then get in touch with you a week before the final payment is due. Please call or email us with bank details to deposit monies.

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